News > December 31, 2020

Prizes, Miami Fruit, Annette Larkins–Oh My!

The New Year endows everyone with inspiration to move, improve and grow. We’re thrilled that 32+ speakers joining us for the 2021 Raw Restart are generously donating their services, courses and books to help attendees make the most of that momentum! These items (so far 22 in total) will be reserved for various winners of Saturday night’s Fruitful Quiz!

You could win…

♥ 1-on-1 sessions with Chris Kendall, Dr. Areli, Don Bennett, & more!
♥ E-books from Ullenka, Tina @fitshortie and Lissa @rawfoodromance, & more!
♥ 6 week course “Energy For Life” by Jeannette Donofrio ($399. value).
♥ Hour long Vedic Astrology session with Jared Turner

The list goes on!

PLUS, an exclusive offer from Miami Fruit for all Raw Restart attendees – stay tuned!

We’re also THRILLED to announce that Saturday’s final guest speaker will be someone who’s been thriving on raw foods longer than many of us have been alive: Annette Larkins!

78-years-young, Annette has been vegetarian since 1963 and transitioned into a raw vegan lifestyle in the years that followed. Dancing, gardening and constantly learning, Annette is a wellspring of vitality and a someone we can all learn from–no matter where we are on the journey. Don’t miss her talk, Saturday, December 16th at 5:00 p.m. EST!

We hope you will join us to revitalize & reconnect with the WFF community you love! Coming up January 10-16th, 2021the Raw Restart is 100% donation-based in order to be accessible for everyone.