News > April 14, 2024

Reflecting on the Magical WFF2024: Community, Connection, and Celebration

A Week To Remember! As the sun sets on another unforgettable Woodstock Fruit Festival, we find ourselves filled with gratitude and glowing from the inside out. WFF2024 in Homestead, FL, was a testament to the vibrant spirit of our community and the joy of living in harmony with nature. Here are some highlights that made this year’s gathering truly special:

A Paradise Found (well, close to!)

Nestled in lush tropical landscaping, our swimming lagoon was the heart of daily life, providing a refreshing sanctuary. The beauty of our venue, combined with the smaller scale, fostered a deeper sense of community, making this year’s festival feel even more intimate and connected.



A Feast of Nature’s Best

The festival was a paradise for fruit lovers, offering daily fresh coconuts, a sugar cane juice station, and a dance floor alive with vibrant energy. We indulged in the richness of nature with jackfruit, soursop, sapodilla, chocolate sapote, and Hawaiian papayas, alongside exotic bananas and several varieties of tree-ripened durian varieties to try, creating a true celebration of tropical abundance.



Nights Alive with Spirit and Song

Our evenings by the fire were a highlight, where talented musicians created a mesmerizing ambiance under the stars. The nightly fire-circles became the soul of the festival, where we shared stories, songs, and laughter, truly embodying the high-vibe tribe we are.



An Anthem of Togetherness

The festival anthem, “‘Ohana,” introduced by Atreya, became the soundtrack of our week, reminding us of our shared bond and the family we’ve found in each other.

“Turns out not where but who you’re with that really matters.” 

– Dave Matthews Band



Woodstock Weddings: Celebrating Love

The beautiful wedding of Lexi and Ray was a festival moment like no other, marking the third union celebrated at Woodstock. Their ceremony, against the backdrop of the lagoon and surrounded by friends, was a poignant reminder of the love that binds us all.



Diverse Activities for Body and Soul

Our days were filled with enriching activities – from playful AcroYoga with Phillip Nassen, blood-pumping Watermelon Workouts with Jeannette, and Salsa Dancing with Jillian and Grant, to the grounding practices of Qigong with Dr. Sam – there was almost too much to do! The Authentic Relating Games, and the deeply moving Angel Wash added unique layers of connection, discovery and healing.



A Community of Talent and Heart

The festival was alive with the sounds of talent that astonishes and delights. From Karaoke and Open Mic Nights to the Talent Show and the spontaneous jams during lunch and dinner, we were continuously amazed by the musical abilities within our community. It was incredible to witness people, some of whom had never before revealed their musical talents, stepping up to the mic and leaving us in awe. The level of talent amongst us is truly astonishing, highlighting the diverse and rich talents that each member brings to our festival family.



Join Our Private Facebook Group

As we continue to bask in the afterglow of the festival, we invite all WFF2024-H’OM attendees and volunteers to join our private Facebook group. This private community is where we’ll share the professional photographs captured during our magical week together, allowing you to relive every beautiful moment. It’s also a space for you to share your own experiences, connect with fellow festival-goers, and keep the spirit of WFF alive throughout the year.




This Isn’t Goodbye…

As we close the chapter on WFF2024, we carry with us the memories, the melodies, and the meaningful connections that we forged. In a world that often feels disconnected, our gathering was a beacon of what is real, true, and naturally healthy.


Thank you for being a part of this beautiful journey. Let’s continue to carry the spirit of ‘Ohana in our hearts until we reunite next year, ready to create more unforgettable moments together.

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