News > April 21, 2021

Is the Woodstock Fruit Festival happening this year?!

The question so many of you have been wondering. Indeed, for a while we weren't sure ourselves–but we held on with hope. We're overjoyed to announce that–YES

– The Woostock Fruit Festival is 100% on this August as the state of New York continues to roll back restrictions on large gatherings (both indoor and outdoor)! Camp Walden will be fully operational this summer, and so will the Woodstock Fruit Festival. This will be a festival like no other, with so many of us deeply yearning for the connectedness that this past year and a half has taken from us.

With spring in the air and Woodstock in the works, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the Robert’s Trees scholarship for $200 credit towards your WFF 2021 ticket. How to apply?

Plant a fruit tree!

The Robert’s Trees Scholarship opportunity is in honor of Dr. Robert Lockhart, a pioneering member of the fruitarian movement and great force behind the Woodstock Fruit Festival since its genesis. On November 29th, 2019, Robert left us to join the ranks of other fallen heroes in the ultimate fruitarian paradise of his next life.

Robert’s thirst for true health was not only for his own mind, body and spirit, but for the planet and creatures he shared it with. Fruitarianism was his passion, and he lived it for 40+ years. We believe the greatest way we can memorialize Robert’s life is by planting fruit trees, with the hope that his ideals, dreams, and vision can live on through the branches and leaves of his trees.