News > January 30, 2021

The one thing we loved most about the Raw Restart

Our idea for a virtual event in January started as a tiny seed and turned into what became a full seven days of health, community, education and amazing collective energy. More than 300 of you came together to learn, share, and grow–encouraging and supporting one another while making strides in health and personal growth as the week progressed. As much as we loved learning and playing, the single element that left the most profound impact on us was...

…the feeling of true human connection.

We listened to healing stories that made us believe anything is possible with this lifestyle.

We harnessed group energy by chanting in Kirtan and meditating with Evan Worldwind.


We were inspired to transform our bodies hearing incredible weight loss stories.

We learned creative ways to utilize every part of a Melon from Ullenka–making everything from melonade and melon mylk to melon crackers…


We learned amazing hacks for staying Raw in the winter from Lissa Raimondi, the ins and outs of raw vegan travel from Pia Kay and Fitshortie, and about the healing power of meditation from Julie Morin.


We laughed and enjoyed one another’s company for community dinner night, the talent show and final fruit quiz!


We shared our daily food logs in the group, being honest and vulnerable with the highs and lows of our week and supporting each other in the process.

We fell speechless after listening to a deeply moving talk by Rosalind Graham:


Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this event what it was.

Between 3 members of our admin team,
30+ presenters, and
300+ participants…
The Raw Restart truly came together out of love. The feeling of connection and warmth was something we could never have anticipated.

We came out of the Raw Restart with the same high of love and togetherness we feel at the end of every Woodstock Fruit Festival.

Who’s ready for August?