The Woodstock 2021

Raw Restart

There is no fresher way to start 2021 than by energizing and rebalancing your body with vibrant living foods!

We’re excited to host our FIRST EVER virtual event with you all: the 2021 Woodstock Raw Restart, January 10-16th.

Since we couldn’t gather together for the Woodstock Fruit Festival this year, we wanted to create another opportunity to thrive together on fruit—even if it means gathering virtually.

All are welcome, even if you’ve never attended a previous Woodstock Fruit Festival. The only prerequisite is loving fruit!

The Raw Restart will be a week of inspiration, virtual events, and education from our favorite fruit-based movers and shakers, including WFF’s foundational presenters and a number of featured speakers who have never before presented at the Woodstock Fruit Festival!

2020 has presented many with financial challenges, and we would like to make sure this community building event is available to all. That’s why the Raw Restart will be donation-based. Contribute what you are able to and come as you are!

Join us to draw on the power of the community to learn, play and thrive together!

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Registration for the Raw Restart 2021 is now closed. Subscribe to our newsletter to not miss out on future events!

If you have any questions or want further information, please contact:

What should you expect?

Abundance of support and inspiration including:

Morning Minis from Woodstock presenters with tips on how to make your day a success

Daily Zoom Support Sessions

'Relax and Reflect' talks every evening discussing successes and challenges of the day

Optimal Weight inspiration Circle

Getting To Know You Games

Woodstock Community Dinner

Fruity Quiz Night!

Guided Meditation

Talent Show!

Our Event Schedule is still in the early stages of development.

Stay tuned for more surprises & fun events!

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Would you like to earn $100 credit toward your Woodstock Fruit Festival 2021 ticket?

Participate in the Raw Restart by sharing a daily food/activity log to the WRR Facebook group, and we’ll apply a $100 credit to your current (or future) 2021 registration!

How does it work?

Post one photo per day of something you ate and a basic log of your meals and activity. Copy and paste the questions below and answer them in your post. Get inspiration and encouragement by seeing other Raw Restarter’s logs, and let that positive energy encourage you on your journey!

  • Hours slept previous night
  • Exercise activity + time spent exercising
  • Meals and Snacks
  • Mood
  • Detox Symptoms (if any)
  • Additional Notes

*You will not be denied the credit if you don't follow the plan perfectly or 100% raw. Honesty and progress over perfection! :) Please post before the end of each day (depending on your time zone). This credit applies to both registered and unregistered attendees!