News > March 30, 2021

Raw Vegan MD on Spring Cleaning with Fruit

We’re pleased to be joined by our friend Dr. Areli, aka @rawvegandoctor! Dr. Areli is a neuropathologist and raw vegan who fuses her medical expertise with a healthy, fruit-based diet.

Dr. Areli was drawn to raw veganism when, perhaps ironically, her health hit a wall in medical school. Having dealt with weight issues and acne her whole life, she felt deep down that there had to be a better way. She took it upon herself to research nutrition and experimented with the Atkins diet, vegetarianism, veganism, and finally– in what she considers the last step she knew she had to take– raw veganism.

Dr. Areli shares with us her story and the #1 reason FRUIT is so essential to detox!


REMEMBER: spring cleaning happens all year long on a fruit-based diet!

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