News > September 10, 2020

The 60+ Perspective on the Woodstock Fruit Festival

“I am 66-years-old and have never drank or smoked. WFF is where I felt I fit in and found my tribe.” - Laurie Evans, New York, US

You may have seen footage of the Woodstock Fruit Festival and noticed 20-somethings lifting weights, performing acro yoga tricks or dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t let the young and restless fool you — Woodstock is an event for every stage of life.

Did you know that 10% of last year’s attendees were over 60?

Take it from Estar Hazan, who’s now attended 6 Woodstock Fruit Festivals and shared with us how much it’s changed her life:

For attendees who don’t get high on bun-busting fitness classes, we host a fruity medley of mellow activity options. Slow flow and yin yoga classes, guided meditations, sound baths and spiritual music performances are widely attended by our mature attendees or anyone who’d rather zen out than wire up.

With such a variety of age groups and activities for all fitness levels and interests, you’ll connect with others in your age bracket and beyond.

Satiate your sunshine cravings with a hike into the Adirondack mountains or a kayak outing on Lake Trout.

Pamper yourself with a lakeside, dead sea mud bath while you sip from a fresh young coconut.

Get informed and inspired with our expert-led health education talks and mouth watering raw food demos.

“The ‘get to know you’ games were vital in helping me meet people as I came to the festival not knowing anyone. Although most of the festival’s participants were millennials, I had fun as a 60+ individual!” – Carol Casale, New Jersey, US

You’re welcome to take it easy all week, but you never know what that high-flying fruit energy will get you into… Maybe even a hip-hop dance performance?! We’ll let Dave Barrett take the stage:


We embrace the lightness and high vibrational energy that comes so easily on a fruit-based lifestyle, regardless of age. One of our greatest inspirations for youth and vitality into later years was none other than Robert Lockhart, climbing trees and loving life every year until his recent passing.

May he rest in fruity paradise.