News > July 30, 2020

Robert’s Trees Scholarship Fund

The Woodstock Fruit Festival is pleased to announce, in memory of Robert Lockhart, an annual scholarship of $200 in the form of credit to anyone who can show they have properly planted a new fruit tree.

The Woodstock Fruit Festival grew into creation through the collective efforts of many, yet a few pioneering visionaries led the way. One such humble human was Robert Lockhart. On November 29th, 2019, Robert left us to join the ranks of other fallen health heroes in the ultimate fruitarian paradise of his next life.

Robert was a pioneer not only of our festival, but of the fruitarian diet. One of the most influential, long-term fruitarians of our times, Robert followed his guiding light long before the advent of the internet. His thirst for true health was not only for his own mind, body and spirit, but for the planet and creatures he shared it with. Fruitarianism was his passion, and he lived it for 40+ years. He was the real-deal.

We believe the greatest way we can honor and memorialize Robert’s life is by planting fruit trees in his memory, with the hope that his ideals, dreams and passion can live on through planting of Robert’s Trees.

To qualify, post 2 short videos of the tree planting on Instagram or Facebook. The first video will document the initial tree planting, and the second will be a follow-up video to show how the tree is surviving roughly two weeks later.



The first video needs to be of yourself planting a baby tree – recorded either as a time-lapse or a sequence of short video clips of different parts of the process, demonstrating the following:

– Proof of a minimum tree height of 2 feet or taller.

– Proof of a good quality soil. Consider investing in a $10-20 bag of soil mix to give your baby tree a good start in life.

– Proof of water supply. Ideally, the soil should be kept moist for 1-2 weeks after planting a new tree. Unless your tree is planted by a stream, a waterfall or somewhere rainy, you’ll need to water it daily during this critical period.

– Proof of adequate sunlight. The tree should be planted in an area where it will get sufficient sunlight.


Our returning attendee Frank Huarcaya has filmed a demo video of himself planting a Mango Tree to show you how it’s done! This video is full of helpful tips and inspiration. When you’re done watching it, you’ll feel empowered and fully qualified to plant your first tree – even if you have never done it before.

The second follow-up video will need to be filmed roughly 2 weeks after planting the tree – enough time to demonstrate that the baby tree is doing well and is likely to survive and grow into an abundant, mature fruit tree! See Frank’s follow-up video below for inspiration.


Upload your videos either on Instagram or Facebook, tag @thewoodstockfruitfestival, and add the hashtag #RobertsTrees. To make sure we don’t miss your post, email a link to

Scholarship is limited to one submission per person each festival year.

Robert’s life was long and full. We hope these trees will live in his memory for decades to come, offering the same kind of abundance that Robert shared with all of us just by being in our lives.  To learn more about the life of Robert Lockhart, we encourage you to read our tribute to him shared shortly after his death.