News > August 16, 2020

Overcoming the Insurmountable with Creed Leffer | Pranic Raw Gathering

August 16th, 2020. Today would have been the first day of a very special 10th anniversary celebration of peace, love and seasonal fruit here at the Woodstock Fruit Festival.

If there is one clear lesson we’ve learned in 2020, it’s that life sometimes presents us with seemingly insurmountable challenges. Thankfully, having the support of a community like Woodstock gives us the strength to overcome such adversity. Year-after-year, we hear testimonials from you guys about how the community of people at the Woodstock Fruit Festival has helped you to unleash your inner power.

David Varghese, returning volunteer and team manager, has taken it upon himself to ensure that the Woodstock Fruit Festival community has a way to gather together this year no matter what – because that sense of connection is needed now more than ever before in Woodstock’s history. The Pranic Raw gathering will take place August 28-31 at Haycock Camping grounds in Kintnersville, PA, as an opportunity for those who are able to come together and celebrate health.

The Woodstock Fruit Festival is happy to cover the cost of Pranic Raw admission for all Woodstock attendees who register between now and August 27th and make $250 non-refundable payment towards their Woodstock ticket.

We will leave you with a very special performance from 2019. Creed Leffler is a three-time Woodstock attendee with cerebral palsy and a glowing example of what “overcoming insurmountable challenges” looks like. In 2019, he made a bold move out of his wheelchair to perform acro yoga in front of hundreds of Woodstock Fruit Festival attendees at the closing ceremony. The act was so powerful that it moved all of us — and even himself — to tears.



What obstacles in life are currently keeping you from flying? May Creed’s performance be the light that illuminates your own perceived limitations, and the Woodstock Fruit Festival the community you turn to for strength, support and solidarity.