News > September 16, 2020

Off-the-charts energy at Pranic Raw Gathering

In absence of the Woodstock Fruit Festival this year, we were beyond grateful that the Pranic Raw Gathering came into fruition in just under two months time – a real testament to the power of intention and community!

Although much smaller than the fruity crowd we’re used to at WFF, Pranic Raw had all of the same high vibrational energy – overflowing with love, light, and seasonal fruit.

More abundant than the fruit were the hugs. The laughs. The cozy conversations over a campfire. The joy of coming together to share hope and positivity, rather than remaining apart in fear.

Morning meditation, yoga, dance classes, community circles and Kirtan were enjoyed by all, but nothing topped the joy of simply being. Together.

A major takeaway for us from Pranic Raw was that gatherings like these are just as vital to our health as fruit, sunlight and fresh air. The Woodstock Fruit Festival may be ‘home’ for us one week of the year, but how can we help one another to stay inspired during the other 51 weeks? Until next year, we encourage you all to connect with your soul brothers and sisters and hold each other close.

So many attendees at Pranic Raw communicated with us their sincerest visions for Woodstock 2021. We deeply appreciate everyone’s support, concentrated energy and collective manifestation to bring WFF into fruition next year. Together, we can keep the fruit flame burning. Even when we’re apart.