News > October 15, 2020

6 best apps for your journey to health and wholeness!

Technology doesn’t always fit the mold of a healthy lifestyle, with screens disrupting circadian rhythms and often taking us away from invaluable time to be with ourselves and others. But what if we utilize technology as a tool that supports our health rather than something that distracts us from it? Here are 6 apps we think you should start using today to help guide you on your journey to health and wholeness!

1. The Tapping Solution: The Tapping Solution is a creative twist on mindfulness, offering instructive mini-sessions that guide you to tap acupressure points while verbalizing therapeutic statements and incorporating mindfulness techniques. Great stress-reliever for those who struggle using meditation to quiet the monkey mind.

2. Insight Timer: This is a far less commercialized meditation app than Calm or Headspace, which is what we really like about it. The app also has wonderful timer and bell options for simple customization of your meditations. We suggest closing your eyes and imagining you’re taking a sound bath at WFF, or participating in one of our Kirtan meditations 🙂

3. Gratitude Garden: Gratitude Garden guides into the habit of gratitude by prompting you to log positive moments each day in the app. Receive daily notifications containing one of your previously logged moments to brighten your day! <strong>Bonus:</strong> the app incentivizes you to maintain the habit with a colorful, virtual “Gratitude Garden”.

4. Ovia Fertility: Keeping track of hormonal shifts is very helpful for women to understand what’s going on in their bodies as they transition into a healthier lifestyle—which is why we love Ovia. Simply log the first day of your menstrual cycle and the app will take care of the rest!

5. The Raw Advantage: Our own beloved Woodstock presenter Chris Kendall recently launched his free raw recipes app! It’s great for anyone who wants to recreate Chris’ amazing sauce creations from WFF at home.

6. Sched: Sched is the ultimate schedule managing app for you to keep track of what talks, activities, classes and events to attend while at the Woodstock Fruit Festival! Bookmark your favorite events to create your own perfect schedule! Filter by presenter or event type to simplify your search for different activities. Check out our 2019 schedule to get an idea of what you can expect for next year!

These apps are great, but nothing beats learning from a community of real people.

One of the biggest takeaways of attending the Woodstock Fruit Festival is discovering intuitively how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Attendees experience major shifts over the course of the week and always leave Woodstock glowing, recalibrated, and ready to bring true health into their lives.