Why you should throw your new year's resolutions away!

Throw out those limiting resolutions and start to nurture long term healthy habits instead!

Why you should throw your new year's resolutions away!

Health isn't built upon crash resolutions, it's built upon consistent healthful practices.

If you're looking to be the healthiest you that you can be, we recommend you get into the habit of surrounding yourself with inspiring people on the same path as you. 

Be mindful of who you spend most of your time with at home and of course try to attend as many fruit festivals as possible for a mega dose of uplifting energy and inspiration to stay on track!

Don't set a goal that will break you. Instead start a new daily practice, one that motivates you for intrinsic reasons, as opposed to external ones. 

Don't beat yourself up for any actions not in line with your resolution. Progress means 3 steps forward and then 2 steps back. Love your "mistakes" and find support in connections made through the Woodstock Fruit Festival community.

Approve of where you are each and every day and look forward to improving on it! 

Set your new intentions for the year and join our fruity community on Facebook to stay on track year round while we anxiously await the next Festival. 

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