Why do raw vegans go back to eating animals? By Don Bennett, DAS

Why do some of those people who have been eating a raw vegan diet who then develop ill health find resolution when adding some animal food to their diet? A) Placebo effect; B) All humans require some animal food to be healthy; C) That individual person required some animal food due to defective genetics; D) There was some nutrient(s) that the foods of their raw vegan diet weren't supplying enough of that contributed to their health decline, and the animal food they ate did provide it.

Why do raw vegans go back to eating animals? By Don Bennett, DAS

The answer is D. And the "missing link" may indeed be vitamin D, or Omega 3 EFA, or iodine, or or or........ Remember that some livestock animals are fed healthfully enough so they don't get sick and die before they can be fully exploited. Chickens for example have certain nutrients added to their feed just before they are fed. Cows too. And fish from the ocean eat pretty well, so they can provide nutrients that a raw vegan should be able to get from his/her diet but weren't. But this is not the fault of the diet per se, it's how the diet was taught. Yes, all humans – just like all other animals species – are designed for the same diet, but there isn't only one "raw vegan diet". And some are healthier than others. Why? Blame it on human nature which affects some of those who teach the raw vegan diet. But this is a whole article unto itself.

When you add animal food to a raw vegan diet, make no mistake about it, you are supplementing that diet with an animal product. Why not supplement that diet with something plant-based – which is vegan – which, besides supplying that missing link(s), is, in general, way healthier for you than animal food. Unless you're a carnivore, which humans are not (despite what some ill-informed Youtubers say).

Yes, this way of dealing with your diet requires some more outside-the-box thinking, and I say "more" because it took some of this type of thinking to adopt a raw vegan diet in first place. Or maybe it didn't? Maybe a person adopted a raw vegan diet as a follower of someone... someone who also convinced them that "supplements" were a no-no and that when eating a raw vegan diet, you don't need them. But then your health failed, and in desperation you listened to those who steadfastly maintain that you need to eat some animal to be healthy, so you try it, and voilà, you felt better (and it wasn't because of dealing with the symptoms, you really did address the underlying cause of your ill health).

So, sorry to those who want to believe that the reason raw vegans go back to eating meat is either B or C, but those choices don't square with reality... and that's where your body exists.

And by-the-way, if you ask those people who had been eating a raw vegan diet with no health issues why they went back to eating a diet that contains animal products, you might hear...

* I'm convinced that to stay healthy, I need to do this; I don't want to become ill

* I really got tired of the grief I got from my long-time friends and family

* I wanted to exist in an inclusive society, not an exclusive one

If you heard the first reason, the person either was convinced of this by a prominent Youtuber (who is woefully incorrect). Or their real reason was one or both of the other two reasons, and they were just looking for an excuse to go back to the diet that all their friends and family ate because they're not honest enough with you (or themselves) to admit the real reason.

If, at heart, the real reason is indeed one of the other two, at least try and keep breakfast all fruit. And there are vegan alternatives for just about every food, even burgers and ice cream. So if you're not a strong enough person to "go your own way" when it comes to diet, and you're okay with not having the best health possible throughout your entire life, there are still things you can do to be near to a ten on that 1-10 scale of health... you don't have to go "all the way back" to a lifestyle that'll result in a 5 or 6.

And if you want support to be able to stick with the healthiest diet so you can be a ten, there are things that can help you here too. Like attending an annual raw vegan festival (<-- this is the best one IMO, and not just because I teach there). And consider joining raw vegan groups, even if they are only online. And maybe the best thing to do is to first ask yourself "How healthy do I want to be?"

An insightful, reality-based author, health creation counselor, and the Woodstock Fruit Festival presenter, Don Bennett lives his life by this motto: "Seek the truth though the heavens may fall". Meet Don and share in his depth of research and experience at Woodstock 2019. Meanwhile check out his website http://health101.org