Why attend the Woodstock Fruit Festival?

Besides the fruit, of course. We decided to ask our presenters why they love being part of the Woodstock family.

Why attend the Woodstock Fruit Festival?

"It's a recharging moment for me, and I get to eat all the mamey I want."

- Don Bennett

While we all have our own things we love about Woodstock– whether it's the mamey or the music – but what everyone seems to agree on loving the most is the supportive and welcoming Woodstock community. Hear it straight from the source!

There's only one way to understand what Woodstock feels like, and that's by being there! Experience for yourself just how enlivening it is to be surrounded by hundreds of vibrant people thriving on living foods, together.

Yoga instructor Ellen Livingston put it best:

"If you don't arrive open-hearted, you certainly open up while you're here."

Can't wait to see you for our 10 YEAR anniversary of peacelove and seasonal fruit!