Who loves Woodstock more: kids or grown ups?

Have you ever thought about attending Woodstock, but wondered how to entertain your little ones for a week? Easy. Bring 'em!

Who loves Woodstock more: kids or grown ups?

 Giving children the chance to be in an immersive environment of nothing but quality, ripe fruit among other kids is a fun way to expose them to raw foods! 


Have you seen the way some of these kids eat salads and celery?!

Whether tie-dyeing, getting face-painted, covering themselves in mud, swimming in Trout Lake, taking on the ropes course or scarfing down mangoes, kids of all ages thrive at Woodstock, perhaps even more than the grown ups ;) 

Our hope is that having young ones in your life would never get in the way of attending Woodstock, but instead serve as an even greater incentive to join us. Children under 16 receive half-priced tickets; children under 3 attend for free! 

We hope you– and your kiddos– are there to join us next year for boundless organic fruits and veggies. 

P.S. It's our 10 year anniversary!