When nice cream just won't cut it

We know. Sometimes, banana nice cream isn't appealing when it's below freezing outside and you haven't seen a watermelon in months! Luckily there's a way to bring the fruit to you when the weather outside is frightful, and the grocery store isn't delightful.

When nice cream just won't cut it

If you've been to a Woodstock Fruit Festival, you know who Miami Fruit is. Or perhaps if you drool over Instagram photos of tropical fruit while swaddled up in scarves on your couch, you may also know who Miami Fruit is! 

For everyone else, Miami Fruit is a vegan run business that brings the fruit to you when you can't get to it, harvesting rare tropical fruits of highest quality from small farms in South Florida and shipping them all across the U.S.! 

Miami Fruit also drives in truckloads of in-season tropical fruit from Florida to New York each August to add in some tropical flair to the Woodstock Fruit Festival's already enormous selection of in-season, high quality fruit. 

Here's a taste of what Miami Fruit brought to the Woodstock Fruit Festival 2019!

Sweet, creamy sugar apples! 

 Longneck Avocado!

Dragon Fruit Candy! 

Sugar Cane Heaven! 

Miami Fruit will be bringing the heat again to the Woodstock Fruit Festival 2020! Until then, order a box to your door and get through winter with a smile!