we're thankful for fruitarians

The start of winter combined with the start of the holiday season may make November one of the most challenging months for those wishing to eat a raw vegan diet.

we're thankful for fruitarians

One too many social gatherings based upon eating less than optimal foods and extra time with family who may question your diet...we’ve all been there. This feeling of not being supported on a raw food journey is one of main reasons this festival was created in the first place! 

The Woodstock Fruit Festival is a refuge from the doubt and uncertainty, where your lifestyle is supported and celebrated. A time to fully immerse in connection, play, education, and of course unlimited fruit! Give yourself the gift of something to look forward to this holiday season and reserve your spot in fruity paradise!

In this season of expressing thanks, we wanted to express our gratitude to all the fruitarians, raw vegans, vegans, open minds, open hearts, open arms.

You make this world better place and we’re honored to serve you every August to help make your world a little brighter! 

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We hope you get the chance to share nourishing food with loved ones this coming holiday. 

We recommend you bring your favorite fruit and of course enough to share! One of the biggest joys of eating a fruit based diet, is bringing a large platter of perfectly ripened fresh fruit to a party and reminding friends and family how enjoyable eating fruit is! 

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If you’re feeling the attitude of gratitude this season, share what you are most thankful for with our thriving fruity community on Facebook.