Want a taste of Woodstock in 3 minutes?

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: Video may cause chills, adrenaline rush, or deep feelings of joy and nostalgia!

Want a taste of Woodstock in 3 minutes?

The Woodstock 2018 recap video will have your mouth watering for more fruit, fun and sun this summer! Grab a hunk of durian travel back in time with us to relive the magic of last year.  

From banana cinnamon rolls to durian dance parties

from bubbles on the lounge lawn to mud massage trains, 

from Kirtan meditation to campfire drum circles... 

last year was overflowing in tropical and seasonal fruit, love, sunshine, hugs.


Did we mention fruit?


It’s hard to condense this much magic into a 3:43 second video, but our talented videographer Raini Pachak did just that, capturing moments of peace and tranquility alongside the vibrant, fruit-fueled life force that reverberates across Camp Walden each year. Thank you Raini! 

Experience Woodstock once, and you’ll understand what gets our thriving community together year after year. We hope you join us to make memories and cause chills for 2019’s recap video!

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