Think you can’t build muscle on raw?

This new power couple has just been added to the schedule to show us how! If you're looking to build some fruit muscle and elevate your fitness, register today.

Think you can’t build muscle on raw?

Indica and Phillip Henderson are co-founders of Fruit Muscle Fitness. Together they have over 12 years of combined experience with raw foods and fitness. 

They have both gone through impressive physical and mental changes via a fruit based diet. Phillip lost over 250 pounds and overcame his anxiety while Indica went from being underweight and weak to building muscle and lifting weights. They now raise their incredible children while also helping others get fit and healthy.

Indica and Phillip are passionate about creating sustainable and healthy fitness through a fruit based, high raw lifestyle.

In addition to mastering fitness, the Henderson family has also mastered how to eat raw vegan on a budget.

Want to eat raw but don't want to break the bank? Don't miss Indica and Phillip's presentation at the Woodstock Fruit Festival 2019. They have experience eating a raw vegan diet while surviving on food stamps and they're excited to share with Woodstock attendees how to maximize weekly fruit hauls while minimizing the cost.