There's a special magic in a flipped perspective ;)

Nothing like a little Acro to make your next fruit meal so much sweeter!

There's a special magic in a flipped perspective ;)

Great News!
Brittany and Conor are returning as presenters and activity leaders for the 2018 Woodstock Fruit Festival; and with them are both the all-level and advanced Acro classes - blend of fitness, strength, balance, trust, meditation, play, creativity, and just plain fun! 

Check out the video below for some seriously beautiful footage and inspiring words from Conor and Brittany on how Acro has changed their lives.



In addition to acro yoga, Conor and Brittany will be leading a Q&A on inspiring authentic relationships as well as facilitating Authentic Relating Games. These two really walk the walk when it comes to putting in the effort to create the epic relationships in their lives. Let’s just say we were about zero percent surprised when they won Woodstock “Newlywed” game last year!



So whether you’re looking for a fun new way to get upside down or to deepen your relationships, don’t miss out on what these two incredible humans have to offer!