The Woodstock 2021 Raw Restart, January 10-16th

The best part of the holidays isn’t the food, the time off or even the fall fruit. It’s the chance to CONNECT with your loved ones, friends and community. As hard as we’ve tried to flow with the changes, having to cancel WFF 2020 broke our hearts. We’ve spent time reflecting on how to keep the morale of our community high through the challenges of the year, and have come to two conclusions: 1) We won’t wait a whole year to reconnect with our community. 2) 2021 can certainly do with a fresh start!

The Woodstock 2021 Raw Restart, January 10-16th

Without further ado…
We're thrilled to announce our FIRST EVER virtual event to kick off 2021 with vibrance, abundance and positive energy.

Because there is no fresher way to start 2021 than by energizing and rebalancing your body with vibrant living foods!

The Raw Restart will be a week of inspiration, virtual events, and education from our favorite fruit-based movers and shakers, including WFF’s foundational presenters and a number of featured speakers who have never before presented at the Woodstock Fruit Festival!

We’ve decided to make this event accessible to all after the financial challenges that rocked so many in 2020. That’s why WRR is donation-based only. Come as you are and contribute as you are able to! We’d be heartbroken if anyone didn’t join on account of financial concerns.

The schedule is still being perfected, with more speakers and events to come! We can't wait to start 2021 with you all! Hungry for more info? Click here to get the lowdown & register for the 2021 Woodstock Raw Restart!