The secret to LOVING your salad every time!

Thriving off of fresh fruits and veggies seems effortless for a lot of raw vegans out there. But you might be wondering... how on earth do they do it?!

The secret to LOVING your salad every time!

Ask any raw vegan who not only eats gigantic salads, but actually enjoys eating gigantic salads, and they will all tell you the same thing:

the secret's in the sauce!

The idea of making low-fat sauces and salad dressings from scratch may seem challenging at best, and certainly not something most of us learned growing up.

At Woodstockraw chef Chris Kendall handles that for us – providing a selection of 3 tantalizing, low-fat, oil&salt free dressings plus daily featured savory dish every night at Woodstock's colorful salad bar!

From coconut-papaya curry to pad thai to borscht, Chris is bringing some extra magic and delicious surprises to our dinner bowls for our 10th anniversary this year! Stay tuned!

Chris #1 Secret Sauce Tip: Twice the volume, Half the fat!

It's all about the sauce and we like making a LOT of sauce for our raw dishes! We like to keep our meals lower in fats to keep insulin function strong and cellular oxygenation high.
This ensures we can enjoy all the fresh fruit we desire during the day with higher levels of physical activity.

You can use certain fruits and veggies to make a sauce creamy and add volume instead of using fats alone for the bulk. Some great options include:

Zucchini takes on the flavor of whatever it's paired with and adds extra bulk with 1/2 the fat so you can enjoy more! When making an avocado-based creamy sauce, blend half avocado and half of peeled zucchini and add your other flavors.

Mango is a great way to add both sweetness and creaminess to the sauce.

Corn, when blended in a higher-speed blender, makes a very creamy sauce.

For more delicious ideas and inspiration, come to Woodstock! If you want to be a master of your own raw kitchen, check out our daily food demos and learn from the best. 

Woodstock's raw chefs and educators will guide you through their favorite recipes, and even let you have a taste when the demo is done. YUM!

Surrounding yourself with other like-mined people is the easiest way to enjoy this lifestyle – nothing like sharing a giant salad under the summer sun with people who eat just like you!

We hope you take advantage of the largest all-inclusive raw vegan retreat in the world, and join us this August.