Power of Raw Foods Summit

This FREE interview series with 30 leading vegan and raw food health experts might just be the best way to kick start the winter!

Power of Raw Foods Summit

Organized and hosted by Karen Ranzi, one of the Pioneer Woodstock Presenters, raw vegan since 1994 and mother of 2 happy and healthy children brought up on this diet!

The Summit will start on November 27th and will present 2 speakers a day for 15 days, followed by 1 week replay period.

You'll learn:
♥ How to bring the abundance of raw food into your life with simplicity.
♥ How certain foods and chemicals we are unaware of can cause imbalances and deficiencies that lead to the very autoimmune conditions and diseases that show up as a surprise, and what we need to know about healing.
♥ How to create tasty and nourishing meals that digest with ease and give us energy.
♥ How to heal your skin from the inside out.
♥ How to live cost effectively while eating delicious, health-enhancing raw foods.
♥ Probable causes and healing protocols for attention deficit and autism.
♥ How to raise the healthiest and happiest kids.
….And so much more about the power of vegan and raw food to ignite your health!

In addition, you will receive a FREE Gift from each of the speakers which includes their best tips and/or delicious recipes for success.

For more details and to sign up for free go to www.thepowerofrawfoods.com.