From asthma to ultramarathons: Grant Campbell's journey to respiratory health

Respiratory health has never been of more value than it is today. With uncertainty of coronavirus remaining the norm, we want to continue focusing on what you can do to fortify your body from the inside out. We’re so happy to shine the light on Grant Campbell, one of the Woodstock Fruit Festival’s original pioneers, and we hope his health journey is as inspiring for you as it is for us!

From asthma to ultramarathons: Grant Campbell's journey to respiratory health

20 years ago, most would never have guessed that Grant was born to run. In fact, this Raw Aussie Athlete suffered from chronic asthma throughout his childhood and even into his 20s and 30s on a vegan diet. It wasn't until Grant found raw foods that he would see dramatic changes in his health.

"Health is so easy to maintain when you have it, but so difficult to get back once you’ve thrown it away."

Through consistently following the principles of a low fat, raw vegan diet, Grant reversed his chronic asthma for good. The strides Grant made in his health pushed him to take a courageous leap and leave his 15-year career with IBM in pursuit of his lifelong dream of ultimate health and fitness.

By staying 100% raw, Grant has remained 100% free of asthma, a condition he suffered from for more than 30 years of his life. He has since completed 70 ultramarathons and hosted 22 fruitarian health and fitness adventure retreats in Thailand and Australia!

Them #rawvegan teeth though :) 

Grant cites running, raw foods and avoiding animal products as the foundation for his healthy respiratory system. By keeping his diet simple, fruit-based and eating the highest quality seasonal and organic produce he can find, Grant is able to continue thriving as an athlete.

Peep the video below of a song Grant wrote for Woodstock parodying Audioslave's "Doesn't Remind Me". The lyrics, photos and melody warm our hearts as we listen from our homes, eagerly looking forward to the day we can reunite with our community.