Find Your 2020 Tribe

So often, New Year's resolutions are based around restriction. But we think it can be more fun than that.

Find Your 2020 Tribe

The fruit-based lifestyle allows us to live in true abundance, rather than restriction, with a freedom and lightness to the mind, body, and spirit that just can't be beat!

Instead of resolving to restrict this year, resolve to add more of what you know is nourishing to the body and soul– whether it's what you eat, what you do, or perhaps most importantly, who you choose to be around.

One of the best ways to create and maintain healthy lifestyle changes is to surround yourself with a community that is with you.

We know this isn't always easy with a fruit-based lifestyle, and Woodstock is only one short week in August. Thankfully, we've got an online community that's there year-round! Be sure to join our community on Facebook and get connected with a caring group of like-minded people who will help you overcome all sorts of challenges.

We love our community, and we know for a fact that getting connected with people who value what you do will help you to reach your goals in the new year.

We hope you join our tribe in 2020 – a momentous year for us as it's the 10 Year Anniversary of the Woodstock Fruit Festival! Resolve to be there.