Are these things stopping you?

The festival is getting so close! We've officially hit the halfway mark and we're excited to see both new and familiar faces. If you haven't booked yet, we're curious - what's stopping you from booking your spot?

Are these things stopping you?

We've heard, read, and even experienced ourselves a few common reasons that may be blocking you from this potentially life changing experience - and we hope we can dissipate any fears that may have come up for you below!

The festival is too long. The reason the festival is a full week long is because we really want you to get the most out of this experience. We find that it take at least a few days to really settle in and feel comfortable at an event. For some people maybe even a little longer.

Have you ever attended a 3 or 4 day festival and on the last day thought "I was just really starting to connect with people" and left feeling like you've missed out on opportunities to build a meaningful relationship? We have and we don't want to let that happen at an event as important as Woodstock!

We say important not to toot our own horns, but because for many of our attendees who have trouble finding like minded community at home, this is the event of the year for them. An event they look forward to year round. It'd be a shame to leave them feeling like they didn't get the full week long immersion benefits that they were hoping for.

And we have a hunch that on the last day you might just be thinking it's not long enough ;)

The festival is too expensive. We first want to say that we totally understand that it is a major investment for some but that we do keep the cost as low as we possibly can. When you consider the length and depth of this event and break down unlimited food cost, athletic training with professionals, gorgeous lakeside facilities, and entertainment each night you'll quickly come to calculate that the price is a steal for what's included!

It's also fun to consider what is possible after a giant mega dose of inspiration and connection. Some people have literally gone on to build business empires after attending Woodstock. We're not kidding. You can't put a price on the people you will meet and the momentum in your life that could be potentially generated after you start investing in things that feel right for you.

And don't forget that the benefits keep compiling year after year. Attendees who have attended previous festivals and also book with the early bird price in August, pay a fraction of the festival cost. The discounts get exponentially deeper each year you make it to this fruit family reunion!

I don't have anyone who wants to go with me. We say, even better!!

If you come solo you will be forced to sit with strangers, meet new people, let go a little more, reinvent yourself, truly be you!

People have a tendency to do what is comfortable. If you attend with friends, you might find yourself sticking with your group most of the time, making less eye contact with new people, the festival might even feel a little less magical.

If you're already planning to come with friends or family, maybe make some time each day to branch out from your normal eating circle. Attend an activity that scares you solo. Join a dance party when no one is looking :)

But I'm not raw yet. I want to wait til I have long term success on this diet. Wait til I'm in better shape. Wait til I'm done detoxing. And so on...

Don't wait! Because you just might find yourself waiting forever. Usually directed action is needed over "perfection."

You'll also be surprised to learn when you get to the festival that people of all different dietary styles attend Woodstock. Some have never tried raw before. Some are still eating meat. Some have no interest in ever eating 100% raw and just love the connection and authenticity of the festival and the deep healing and allowing that can be found when eating raw for a week.

We feel very confident that you'll find the support you need to meet your goals at the Woodstock Fruit Festival. If you have the means and availability to attend, don't let this common fear hold you back!

Have a concern that we haven't addressed? We'd love to help you get to the festival! Email us at the or message us on Facebook or Instagram to chat.