another FULLY funded scholarship opportunity to attend 2019 Woodstock

Find out if you're eligible below!

another FULLY funded scholarship opportunity to attend 2019 Woodstock


Do you serve your community in some way? 
Whether it be educating about a healthy vegan lifestyle, teaching yoga, empowering others, or volunteering your time in any realm of health. 

If this sounds like you or someone you know, then read on below for a chance to win a FREE ticket to The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2019.

To apply:
- Write a 2 page essay or create a 4 minute video on why you or the person you are nominating deserves the scholarship
- If you're nominating yourself, please include 2 letters of recommendation from teachers or community leaders

How is this scholarship possible?
This scholarship will be funded by long term volunteer, David Varghese.
If you've attended in previous years, you'll likely recognize his friendly face! Because of his excellent service to Woodstock, this year we asked David to join our management team in the role of Produce Manager.

He accepted the position but wanted to forgo any compensation so that it could go towards funding someone else's ticket. In addition to forgoing compensation, he offered to pay the difference of the ticket price to make the opportunity a FULLY funded ticket. 

David always has a great time at the Woodstock Fruit Festival and wants to share this experience with someone else! This is the perfect example of why we love our Woodstock Fruit Fest family so much. The sense of community between our team, volunteers, presenters, and attendees is truly unmatched.

So how will the winner be chosen?
It will be a group effort!

First, David himself, with the help of Anne & Yuliya (our Woodstock Fruit Fest admin team superstars) will narrow it down to 3 top finalists.

Then the final winner will be voted on by last year's volunteers and presenters in our private 2018 Facebook Group. Because the scholarship is based on service, we're excited to include those who have served Woodstock in the decision. 

The deadline for submissions is May 31st, 2019.

Please send the completed essay or a link to your video to