7 steps to taking ownership of your health and immune system

Anne Osborne, presenter and co-director of the Woodstock Fruit Festival, chooses to feel empowered by her health choices, rather than controlled by them. Having walked the path of the fruitarian diet for 28 years, today Anne shares with us what she feels are the key components of building a strong immune system.

7 steps to taking ownership of your health and immune system

These 7 simple choices are the ones we should strive to make daily for profound, lasting impacts on our immune health — even in the midst of challenges.


#1 Choose Vitamin C in Foods

We can choose to incorporate foods that are high in Vitamin C, including Oranges, fresh Orange Juice, Guavas, Kiwis, and Red Bell Peppers. Vitamin C from whole, raw foods provides more powerful protection than artificial Vitamin C. An added bonus: studies have shown that Vitamin C from citrus may help prevent respiratory viruses!

#2 Choose Hydration

Drinking water is important, but maintaining a hydrating diet of raw fruits and veggies is even more important! Hydration helps oxygenate our cells, allowing us to perform at our peak and flush out toxic buildup that might interfere with immune function.

#3 Choose the Sun!

We create Vitamin D from the Sun’s rays; and sunlight is also important in the production of hormones, peptides, and endorphins, which help to create a healthy immune system. How about enjoying your smoothie in the backyard?

#4 Choose to Breathe Deeply

Deep breathing allows our bodies to relax, manage stress, and absorb greater levels of oxygen. Aside from having healthier cells, reducing anxiety improves immune function.

#5 Choose to Exercise

While many of us can’t engage in our normal exercise routines, there are other ways we can get a sweat in, such as indoor rebounding, yoga, or calisthenics. Now is the chance to broaden your exercise repertoire!

#6 Choose Peaceful Sleep

Creating a peaceful, well-ventilated sleeping space can help ensure deep and restorative sleep, something your immune system can’t live without! Good airflow is key — try cracking open a window before bed.

#7 Choose to Give Support

By making heart-to-heart connections with other living beings, whether in-person or from a distance, we foster peace and harmony in our homes and communities.

While we may not be in control of the coronavirus, we are in control of our choices. And our choices directly impact how our bodies respond to illness and our minds to uncertainty.

May you choose love and health, today and always!