Jen Journey Scholarship

An opportunity to attend for those who are facing a very serious health challenge.

Jennifer Faulisi, known to many of her friends and followers as 'Jen Journey', first attended the WFF for two weeks in 2014 as an assistant of festival presenter and Running Raw founder, Tim Van Orden. At the festival that year, Jen was able to connect and make close friends with other like-minded people who were interested in fruit based diets and healthy lifestyles. It was at this time that she had discovered a lump in her breast, and her friends at the festival were able to offer help and support.

Presenter Janette Murray-Wakelin, who herself had healed her body from breast cancer through a raw vegan fruit based diet, lifestyle changes, and natural healing methods, was able to offer guidance and help to Jen. Arnold Kauffman, another presenter, running Arnold's Way cafe gave assistance and support to Jen and offered her a new home and a job. Long-term attendee Maria Sherow was also there to help Jen; Maria's daughter had healed herself from brain cancer by adopting a natural diet and lifestyle.

After seeing how conventional cancer treatments had affected her mother, and after her own experiences meeting and connecting with like-minded souls, Jen was really motivated to adopt natural diet and healing methods in her journey of healing. Jen was ready to change everything to get better, she radically altered her diet, her lifestyle and where she lived.

The journey Jen traveled in her quest to heal naturally was an inspiration to many; people followed her from all walks of live and from all corners of the earth.

In 2015, Jen was able to attend the festival again, thanks to the sponsorship and kindness of long-time attendee Lisa Gordon. Even though Jen was experiencing health challenges, it was very helpful to her spirit that she was able to attend and re-connect with some of her old Woodstock friends.

Although Jen had made good progress at the Baja Health and Wellness Center, run by Dr. Dan Rogers, in the end of March a large tumor was found in Jen's brain. Her Aunt Janice, who had been by her side constantly for many weeks, moved Jen to a hospice for her final days on this earth. On April 4th, 2016, sadly, Jen passed from this world. For more information, please visit Jen's Facebook page: Jen Journey.

To honor Jen and her beautiful spirit, we are announcing an annual Jen Journey Scholarship consisting of one free entry and two entries discounted by 50%, for a shared cabin or camping accommodation.

Jen's life may have ended prematurely, but her spirit and love of life will live on in the inspiration and example Jen brought to the world.

Jen Faulisi Scholarship

If you are interested in applying, please send us an essay with the title 'Jen Journey Scholarship' and a link to a short video introducing yourself to

If you prefer not to or are unable to record a video, then please send us your current photo.

The essay would need to be about your health seeking journey and health challenges, why you would like to attend the festival and what benefits you think attending could bring you.

The deadline for submissions for WFF2024-H'OM is October 31st, 2023.

Empower Through Jen's Legacy: Support the Scholarship

Every contribution directly funds the existing scholarships, helping deserving individuals to get a chance to be part of our festival. With ample support, we envision additional scholarships for those with serious health issues. Such support would mean that people who otherwise might not have the financial means, can benefit from the transformative experience our festival offers.

If you believe in empowering through health and community and wish to make a meaningful impact in Jennifer Faulisi's name, please use the button below to donate.