You asked, Chris Kendall delivers: daily featured savory dishes!

We’re thrilled that superhuman Banana Commander/raw food chef Chris Kendall, a.k.a. The Raw Advantage, is joining us again this year to whip up THREE mouthwatering dressings each night along with a daily savory dish, back by popular demand. MMMMM.

You asked, Chris Kendall delivers: daily featured savory dishes!

 If you've seen any of Chris’ recipe videos on YouTube or Instagram, you’ll get why we say 


Chris has hand-picked six of his favorite savory recipes to share with us at Woodstock this year. Can you guess what they are? :)


Sweet n' Savory Stew

Raw chef, raw lifestyle coach, RHN and kundalini yoga teacher, Chris spreads his passion for a wholesome, rawesome lifestyle far and wide. We’re more than lucky to have his hand in Woodstock, for sprinkling his magic fairy dust into delicious dressings and savory recipes and for guiding yoga, as well! 


Pad Thai

If Chris' Sweet n' Savory Stew or Pad Thai has you drooling, be sure to work up an appetite by jumping in on one of his three yoga classes: KendaliniYin Pop, and Raw Power



If you'd like to find out when Chris is giving talks or leading yoga, check out the Woodstock schedule for a continuously updated timetable of speakers, fitness classes, food demos, and more! To look specifically at Chris' event times and descriptions, click the presenters tab and find Chris Kendall

While you do that, we'll eat the Borscht. 



Still hungry? 
Head over to Chris’ website for a banana-truck load of amazing recipes from books like “frickin rawsome pizza” and “raw vegan BBQ”. Take advantage of Chris' free recipe videos as well, which are funny, entertaining and leave your mouth watering! 

Chris and the other amazing chefs, exercise gurus, and activity leaders at Woodstock will keep your body moving, your mind still, your stomach happy and your heart full! Hope we'll see you there.