Woodstock Do's & Don'ts

Thinking of joining us for 2019? We've compiled a list of do's and don'ts to make your decision easier!

Woodstock Do's & Don'ts

DO squeeze in lots of hugs. It' won't be hard to accomplish with this group!

A Woodstock hug is a meaningful experience. They last a little a longer, and feel a little bit more purposeful. If you DON'T like hugs, we think you will by the end of the week. 

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DO take more than one delicious sauce from the salad buffet! 

Our sauce team makes magic happen with the freshest ingredients. There's always something creamy, something spicy, and something fruity for all palates! 

Follow a natural hygiene diet? We've got a sauce for you!
Want something fatty to end the day? Seed based options are available too! 

You DON'T want to miss out on this flavor.

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We recommend you DO dance your heart out at the durian parties! Once you arrive, you'll feel the welcoming environment of Woodstock attendees. It's the perfect setting to let loose!

We think the king of fruits deserves an all out celebration, so we set up a DJ booth before we roll out the carts of durian from the kitchen.

Dancing not your thing? DON'T worry! ;) Enjoy sharing durian pods on the Camp Walden deck surrounded by good conversation. Sharing fruit is one of the best ice breakers and the fastest way to make new friends.

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Be adventurous and DO try as many new foods as possible throughout the week. Last festival, we indulged in atemoya, sprouted cocos, mamey sapote, sugar cane, sugar apples, mangosteen, jackfruit, longan, lychee, and more!

It's the best place to taste exotic fruits. We DON'T think you'll find a better, more affordable place to sample this many varieties of rare fruits in one place.

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If you DO love hugs, exotic fruits, dancing, fresh flavors, fun, sun, new friends, lakeside relaxation, fitness, wellness - oh we could go on forever...

...then DON'T pay full price next summer and book now to catch early bird prices!