Will you be attending #Woodstock50 or #Woodstock9?

Have you heard? ☮️ 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the original 1969 Woodstock Music Festival - and the event takes place just days before the 2019 Woodstock Fruit Festival kicks off its 9th year! The events will overlap by one day and will be only a few hours away from each other both in upstate NY.

Will you be attending #Woodstock50 or #Woodstock9?

We're sure we'll be feeling the energetic love of the hundreds of thousands of people creating history at our namesake event - and although the events eclipse in many areas, the Woodstock Fruit Festival is one of a kind and maintains its own unique energy nurturing hundreds of open minded, loving humans who are ready to connect, learn, and grow in a safe environment.

One made music history. And the other is leaving a HUGE mark in more subtle ways. We all already know the positive ripple effects of eating a fruit-based diet for the planet and for our health. But no one can measure the positive effects of the self work and growth that occurs at Fruit Festivals and that we continue to expand upon once we go home.

What these two historic events have in common:

Inspiring Live Music

Epic Mud Parties

Dancing in the rain without a care in the world

and lots of Free Love

The things that you won't find at the Woodstock Fruit Festival are what make it one of the most unique festivals you may ever experience:

You won't find any alcohol - only the good stuff served here! Ginger shot anyone?

You won't find anyone using drugs. Well.. does feeding your durian addiction count?

You won't find any crime, violence, judgement, assumptions, fear of showing emotion, fear of self expression, we could go on & on..

Just internal Peace, unconditional Love, & the widest variety of Fruit you've ever seen in one place

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