We miss you already!

Although the coconut water has stopped flowing here at Camp Walden, we hope that vibrant Woodstock glow will shine through you for months to come.

We miss you already!

 From a beautiful Woodstock wedding
to Creed moving the festival to tears at closing ceremony,
it was a year to remember. 

Other notable new touches this year were
RAW coconut yogurt parfait (a huge hit!),
the lakeside sweat lodge,
several flavor varieties of banana cinnamon rolls (fig, ginger, lemon, carob),
and Chris Kendall’s savory dinner dishes. 

What should we add to the mix next year? How about (spoiler alert)… 


a silent disco?!

Thank you a million times over to everyone who made this year special!
It’s time for some numbers... 

125 half gallon tubs of nice cream