We love our farmers!

There's nothing like a juicy, organic heirloom tomato– or anything organic, for that matter! With fall rolling in and harvest season coming to its end, we want to thank our farmers for helping make Woodstock as fresh and delicious as possible.

We love our farmers!

We do our dang best to source from as many smalllocal, and organic farms as possible for our week long fruity feast, year after year.


For Woodstock's epic dinner buffets, Fresh Take Farm, located an hour from Camp Walden, supplied us with all of our baby greens– mixed, arugula, and spinach! 

Juniper Hill Farm, also nearby, provided most of our miscellaneous veggies at dinner, including:
Italian Flat Basil
Romain Lettuce
Green & Red Butter Lettuce
Green &  Red Leaf Lettuce
Chives & Scallions
Red & White Cabbage
Garlic & Sweet White Onions
 Green and Yellow Zucchini

All 100% organic and non-GMO

If you bit into a delicious yellow peach while at Woodstock, all of those came from Fix Brothers, a small, family-run farm in New York that uses IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to grow their peaches.

Lancaster Coop in Pennsylvania works with small, organic farmers in the region and provided us with all of our tomatoes grape, cherry, and heirlooms, as well as all of our mushrooms white, shitake and crimini.

For all the tropical delights that we aren't so lucky to grow up here in New York, Miami Fruit had us covered, sourcing organic fruit from small Florida farms and hauling it allllll the way up to Camp Walden for us!  

Miami Fruit's organic contributions included:

Sugar Cane
Mamey Sapote
Florida Mangoes
Exotic Bananas
Coconut Sprouts
Long neck Avocados
Sugar Apple

We hope you're there to join us next year for boundless organic fruits and veggies next year at our 10 year anniversary of peace, love and seasonal fruit!