Top 5 Tips on Boosting Your Immune System & Spirit in Face of the Coronavirus

We’d like to start by sending our sincerest dose of fruity love to everyone who is feeling ill, caring for family members, or experiencing anxiety and loneliness related to the coronavirus. In this challenging time, we can all do our part to limit the spread of this disease simply by taking care of ourselves. This includes not only following the advice of the CDC, but also bolstering our immune systems!

Top 5 Tips on Boosting Your Immune System & Spirit in Face of the Coronavirus

While medical professionals work tirelessly to create a vaccine for this virus, remember that as long as the trade, consumption, and exploitation of animals is still a reality in our world, we will continue to experience cases of zoonosis (animal-related infectious disease).

So what can you do to protect yourself? Many of you are playing an important role in creating a healthier world simply by being vegan. But it doesn't stop there.

We're committed to spreading the message of how a fruit-based lifestyle is the absolute best thing we can do for the health of ourselves and the planet.

With that in mind, we'd like to share tips from the WFF presenter Chris Kendall. As a committed advocate of this lifestyle who has helped thousands around the world, Chris shares with us his top 5 tips for building up our bodies' defense systems:

Fate has given us all a precious opportunity to pause. To strengthen healthy lifestyle habits, connect with ourselves, and deepen our relationships with those closest to us. It has given our planet a chance to breathe, with factories and businesses temporarily closing their doors and far fewer cars commuting to work.

With more time on your hands, work on that meditation practice you made a New Year's resolution for. Also, download the Wim Hof App! Put some TLC into your fruit plates, decorative salads, and fresh juices. Try outChris' Creamy Curry AKA Cocobutter Veggies 2.0  for inspo! Get support by sharing your creations with the WFF community group and inspire others to come out of this pandemic stronger and healthier than ever.

What a blessing it is to have more time for peace, reflection, and health. Investing in yourself pays off with a lifetime of dividends.

In Health,
The Woodstock Fruit Festival Team