One week can change your life.

Guest blog post by Marcos and Yesica Huarcaya below :)

One week can change your life.

One week can change your life. That's what happened to our family.

Our son Frank Huarcaya (who will be attending his 5th festival in 2018) would tell us about the Woodstock Fruit Festival year after year.

Until we finally decided to go with the entire family in 2017.

We just looked at it as a one week getaway vacation.

But we were in for some serious lifestyle changes.

It was a powerful week full of healing and learning.

We learned to unlearn what was considered “healthy.”

Not only did we quit eating meat and dairy for 1 week but we went Fully Raw Vegan.

We noticed that something magical happens to the body when you only eat raw foods.

We’ve met some of the most healthy and energetic people.

People who are truly compassionate and happy.

My wife and I had always eaten a regular American/Peruvian Diet.

Never could we have seen ourselves taking meat out of our diets.

After the Festival we felt empowered to change our lifestyles.

One by one we cut out meat, chicken, seafood, milk, eggs, etc.

Now I'm glad to say we haven’t cooked one piece of meat after the festival ended and we're happy to join the Vegan movement.

We look and feel younger.

We lost weight.

We have the energy to go to the gym and have been competing in 5ks now.

We opened our eyes to a whole new lifestyle.

I was not expecting this festival to have such an impact on our lives.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the Woodstock Fruit Festival staff.

Our lives changed for the better.

Thank you, everyone, who approached us throughout the festival.

We will see you again this August!

<3 Marcos and Yesica Huarcaya