It's a durian thing...

Said to be the most polarizing fruit in the world, you either love durian or you hate it. But here at Woodstock, we don't just love it, we create an all out party around it!

It's a durian thing...

If you've never tasted this unique fruit before, then there is no better place to do it than at the Woodstock Fruit Festival!

Things you may not know about Durian:

- It's the strongest smelling fruit in the world
-Nicknamed the "king" fruits
- In many countries it's banned on public transportation and in hotels
-No one can agree on what it tastes like
- It'll warm you & make you giddy with happiness, especially when shared with friends

We'll be ending the first full day of the festival with a Durian Worship Party led by DJ Shamrock to kick off the week right! Yep, we said worship party...

Find out what a celebration of the king of fruits looks like below!

We'll have multiple durian parties scheduled throughout the week so be sure to bookmark the mobile web SCHED app to keep track of activities on the go!

From there you can personalize your own schedule, sync it to your phone calendar, and even see who else is signed up for an activity you're interested in.