Is this you too?

The below story is so pervasive, we have to address it.

Is this you too?

We want to begin by saying that we acknowledge that there are real hardships that prevent people from attending the festival for completely legitimate reasons and we honor the fact that not everyone is in the same situation. However, there is a very common timeline for so many attendees and our newest testimonial video shines light on it in the most amusing way!

Here's the story: Watch others enjoy Woodstock on YouTube. Hesitate for years. Tell yourself it's too expensive, too far, too long. t's too indulgent. It's not worth it. Finally follow your intuition and attend. Life changing experience. Become Woodstock's biggest advocate.

Here's what we know: Vegans, raw vegans, Woodstock Fruit Festival attendees, die-hard returning attendees. They are usually created from unlikeliest of scenarios & the unlikeliest of people.

What we also know: More abundance comes your way when you say YES to doing something beneficial for yourself. If you're thinking it could never be me, my spouse would never go, my kids wouldn't be interested. Think again! Rachel's story is probably the most entertaining testimonial in WFF history. Click the video below for some laughs and inspiration!

We believe you can make it happen if you're being called to come.

If this isn't the year for you, we highly encourage booking this September right after the festival ends. Prices will never be cheaper and the cost becomes nothing more than a small monthly payment.

There's a reason we have so many returning attendees: the more you come back, the better it gets AND the cheaper it gets. Your family circle gets bigger and the returning attendee discount gets larger.It's our way to show appreciation to our community, our extended family. Returning becomes a no-brainer - you wouldn't miss your family reunion for the world!