Hungry for exotic fruits? Don’t wait until Woodstock!

Introducing Miami Fruit! A vegan run business dedicated to shipping high-quality tropical fruit all over the United States. Dreamt up by two Woodstock Fruit Festival attendees, Rane and Edelle, Miami Fruit started as a fruit stand and now ships to rare fruit lovers around the country.

Hungry for exotic fruits? Don’t wait until Woodstock!

In our modern day food system, it's easy to get discouraged about where our food comes from so we love knowing that the Miami Fruit crew offers this service out of pure joy. 

How comforting is it to have someone picking and handling your fruit that is just as in love with and appreciative of fruit as you are?!



The last two years at Woodstock we feasted on freshly pressed sugarcane juice, red dragon fruit, mamey sapote, various rare banana varieties, Florida avocados, and more! 



We can't wait to see what the team has in store for us in 2018!



We’ll never be able to drink sugarcane juice without lime and ginger again!

We're so inspired by the initiative and dreams created by so many of the Woodstock Fruit Festival attendees - and Rane & Edelle are no exception.

Treat yo’self to a box of Miami Fruit, a piece of Woodstock, handpicked at peak ripeness and delivered straight to your door.

We promise: it will make your week :)