How to live like you're in the tropics year round

Haven't yet figured out how to live that fruitarian life where it seems like everyone you know relocates to the tropics each winter?? Don't worry, neither have we!

How to live like you're in the tropics year round

Luckily there's a way to bring the fruit to you when the weather is cold, and the supermarket fruit is feeling a little uninspiring...

You likely have heard of Miami Fruit by now! (Unless you've been living under a papaya.) If that's the case, Miami Fruit is a vegan run business delivering the highest quality exotic and rare fruits all over the United States! The fruit is harvested from local farms in South Florida and then shared with the rest of us who for some reason choose to stay living in the cold.

They also drive in season tropical fruits from Florida to New York each August to add some tropical flavor to the Woodstock Fruit Festival's already enormous selection of fruits! Here's a taste of what Miami Fruit brought to the Woodstock Fruit Festival 2018:

Not only does the Miami Fruit selection taste like sweet delicious candy, but it serves as eye candy as well...

Did somebody say eye candy?

Miami Fruit will be bringing the heat again to the Woodstock Fruit Festival 2019 so be sure to reserve your spot!

We suggest you order a box of fruit to your door, but also be sure to book your fruit fest ticket, because fruit tastes so much better on the famous Camp Walden lawn shared with friends.