Friendship Bonds & The Woodstock Fruit Festival - a message from Michael Arnstein

The Woodstock Fruit Festival has become an annual pilgrimage for hundreds. Each year we all return to the wondrous nature found in the Adirondack Mountains. Some relationships turn into travel and adventure partnerships, many fall in love, some marry, and more. Young or old, all are welcome to share in our common joy of fruit, each other and the natural world.

Friendship Bonds & The Woodstock Fruit Festival - a message from Michael Arnstein

One of our most dedicated attendees, William Lesh, has been suffering from Parkinson's disease for many years.
Every year since our first festival he'd attend and show support and joy for life.

William's health was slipping away the last few winter months in Indiana where he lived.
His festival friend, Ronnie Smith, who lives in Scotland, flew to Indiana to show his love and support and to help care for Bill.

Sadly, William passed away on January 18th.
This is a very sad day for our community, losing William Lesh.
The festival will never be the same. 

Ronnie's commitment and care are inspirational and a true testament to the quality of people that come together at WFF.
He has opened up a free entry in William's honor for the 2018 festival.
If you'd like to apply, please email us at and share why you might be a good candidate to attend in memory of Bill Lesh.

William Lesh

To those who are considering coming, but haven't made the leap to sign up:
WFF is much more than you can imagine if you open your heart to the possibilities.
We hope to see you in August, in the magical mountains on Trout Lake.

At the 2018 event a rose garden will be planted in Memory of William Lesh.

In Memory of William Lesh,
One of our founding attendees.