Are you a Cinna-groupie or a Cinna-mamma?

Are you drooling yet? Keep on scrolling if you want to learn how to make these banana cinnamon rolls for yourself!

Are you a Cinna-groupie or a Cinna-mamma?

These babies are delicious year round, but let's face it, bananas are going to be our best friend for the next 2 months here in the northern hemisphere... so we might as well turn this winter into the official Cinnaroll Party season!

Watch our ode to bite sized bliss below and then read on for some tips on how to recreate your own.

Feeling hungry all of a sudden? Dust off that dehydrator! And don't worry, you don't need to be a cinna-mamma or a cinna-groupie to master this recipe.

To make these you'll need:

The Essentials
✔️ ripe & spotty bananas
✔️ soaked dates
✔️ ground cinnamon

✔️ soaked raisins
✔️ vanilla bean or powder
✔️ carob powder

Feeling creative? Glaze those buns! Mix in other fruits! We've played around with mango and dragonfruit versions as well for a pop of color ;) We encourage you to also play around with your own recipe. Everyone makes them slightly different but they all have deliciousness in common!
What you need to know: Peel and slice your ripe bananas into thirds lengthwise. The more even the better, for even "cooking." Dehydrate until pliable enough to roll without breaking but not so long that they become thin and crispy. 

Blend your dates with your cinnamon and other flavorings. Soaking the dates and raisins beforehand helps them blend easier in the sauce and also helps to digest the dried fruit better. 

Once the bananas are the right consistency roll them with your sauce (and optional raisins!) They are best served warm, but these babies hold for days so you can make a big batch!

We only have space for a handful of Cinna-mammas, but all Cinna-groupies are welcome to register for the largest cinnabun party in the world! 

P.S. we made 11,000 last year. How many do you think we'll need for 2019?