9 opportunities to find support

A whole-istic approach to health

9 opportunities to find support

In addition to the numerous presentations on physical health education and tips for success on a raw diet, we've made lots of space on the schedule for community discussions supporting mental and emotional health.

We believe these often neglected areas of health are just as high of a priority as what you are putting into your body, so here's a peek into the opportunities to give and receive support at the Woodstock Fruit Festival!

men's support group led by Dr. Robert Lockhart
women's support group focusing on emotional eating led by Ellen Livingston
support group for young women: teens & early twenties led by Karen Ranzi
women's support group focusing on relationships led by Ellen Livingston
support group led by Evan Worldwind
support group led by Ted Carr
support group to become your best & release your chains led by Grant Campbell
women's support group focusing on going home raw led by Ellen Livingston

The open hearts and the ability to support one another is what makes our fruity community so special. When the physical body is finally operating on the fuel that supports it best (fruit) then our energy is typically freed up to work on other areas in life. It all snowballs from there, and everything just "keeps getting better" as Briana so passionately put it!

Listen to her experience below:

Psst. It's not too late!
We have 5 open cabin spots for men and 6 open cabin spots for women - and we can still accommodate some more attendees who prefer to camp! 

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