5 Healing Benefits of Dead Sea Mud

This mineral-rich mud is available daily at the Camp Walden lakefront! Not only is it tons of fun to play in, but it also has many health and beauty advantages...

5 Healing Benefits of Dead Sea Mud

After a full day of Woodstock activities, unwind at the lakefront and enjoy a spa-like experience. We suggest you lather it on daily, hang out on the beach while it dries, and then jump in the serene lake to wash it off!

Dead Sea Mud is known to:

1) Detoxify by gently pulling out impurities and toxins. 

2) Stimulate blood flow and improve circulation. 

3) Nourish the skin with a wide array of natural minerals. 

4) Help treat skin conditions like psoriasis.

5) And it even relieves aches and soothes sore muscles! 


It's also just a lot of fun to paint your friends with mud!;)

Watch below to see what Woodstock Mud Parties are all about.