3 Great Tips for Raw Vegans

If you're feeling confused as to why the ideal human diet - our species specific diet - seems to not be working for some of the big names who found their beginnings in this fruity community - then don't miss Don's practical and logical advice in the video below!

3 Great Tips for Raw Vegans

Don's been thriving for over 2 decades on a fruit based raw vegan diet, which in large part may be due to his critical thinking approach to diet. He doesn't take anyone's word for granted and encourages you to do the same. Do your own research and become confident in your decisions!

He may not be a social media influencer, but his website is worth checking out if you need a little inspiration on how to empower yourself to take charge of your health. 

In this community we may be guilty of getting caught up in idealism. After all we are eating the ideal diet for human beings. And when we embark on this new diet journey we may expect everything else to fall into place magically.

So here's another thing we can learn from Don: he is unaffected by the idealist, purist mentality that may hold many back in this community from meeting all of their nutritional needs. He is a realist and knows that supplementation is the smart thing to do in this unnatural world that we live in. He also, doesn't neglect the many other pillars of health that have nothing to do with diet. 

Yes, it's true that a high fruit, raw diet is ideal, but we still need to make decisions based on the real world, not based on an ideal world!

Want to catch Don in person?

Each year he gives many talks at The Woodstock Fruit Festival on how to thrive on this diet and also gives a special presentation if you're interested in saving our environment through more than just diet!